Protecting your edges


There are a few steps that are very important when it comes to protecting your edges. Our hairline is our pride and glory and being without it may bring in so many insecurity. Maybe you may not want to wear your hair out ever again or it may be because you are scared it might get worse. And you have tried every product there is. The main questions you would ask yourself is what you may possible be doing wrong, what products are you going to desperately need and if you are really taking care of your hair correctly. You end up searching the whole web but you still cannot found a solution.

Stop!! Breathe girl.

First things first, you are doing too much to your hair, now it’s confused. You might have been doing something correctly but you kept on congesting your routine with other unnecessary stuff. Don’t worry let me help you with 4 easy steps!

  1. Protect your hairline with a silk scarf/bonnet or silk pillow case.
This has been preached thousands of time before so it should now be at the back of your hand. This is a significant item to include in your natural hair collection and can improve your hair therapy. Its contribution to your hair is to prevent the loss of moisture because our hair easily losses it. So make it a habit to protect your hairline as you go to bed.
  1. Have a hair growth oil
Truth of the matter is you still need a boost, and hair growth oils are one of the way to go to entice the scalp to promote hair growth and regain that fallen off hair. You may protect your edges with a silk bonnet but it may not be fully effective if your hair and scalp are dry, clogged and flaky. I recommend you follow this link so you can find a suitable oil. Application: sprites a little water to your hairline to make it damp. While it is still damp apply your oil of choose or product you may be using to your hair and especially to your scalp to seal in the hydration and there after massage.
  1. Wigs and protective styles

Another root cause of hair loss to your edges is undoubtedly wigs and protective styles. It’s not a shocking fact that how we get our hair done can affect the layout of our hair. This is because of one reason only, the wigs and the protective styles are too tight for the roots that it affects the scalp. Now as you continuously manipulate your hair in that manner it causes the hairline to start losing shape and affects the roots making them weaker due to the serious tension. This thereby jeopardizes the hair growth. We ladies love to look good in our protective styles and wigs so always remember to reduce the tension as you get protective styles and wear a wig cap before wearing your wigs.

  1. A clean scalp is a happy scalp

Mainly focusing on the edges, always pay close attention to the cleansing process. Even after wash-day you still have dirt accumulation due to the gels and makeup that you apply. So as you wash it off (the make-up and gel) remember to wash your hairline as well to prevent build-up and clogged pores. This will remove all the gunk that clogs the pores hindering the hair growth process.

Lastly, make sure to exercise some patience in your hair because hair growth can take a while. Hair is an important feature that stands out and can also express your personality. Another thing you can do is invest in products that can best boost your hair growth and you will never regret it once you decide to step up your hair game.

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