When best to get a hair trim.

This blog is for everyone that wants to have good and health hair.

Everyone always wonder when best to have a trim. There are so many myths about hair trimming and the moon, but it is researched that hair follicles grow on an average of a quarter of an inch every month despite cutting it. Then why?.. for what reason do we need to cut our ends? There are few reason why it is important to do so;

For healthy looking hair

Our hair strands are constantly manipulated and we always use different products that can possibly affect the healthy growth of our hair causing split ends and that can also lead to the clogging of the pore in the scalp.

Avoid climatic harm

Everyday the hair is exposed to different climatic factors that cause the hair to get dirty,  get thinner,  have an appearance of dullness and can get brittle.  This can affect the overall appearance of your hair making you worry about what to do. This can also affects the daily growth of the hair and sometimes the products and methods that you may be using at the time may possible loss effect.

Not having uniform hair routine

When you constantly have too many hair routines it many affect the overall growth of your hair. Trying out different produces without researching their content, skipping essential parts of your hair routine and also using fake products that may not even have the best ingredients for your hair.

Therefore it is very important to have a good trim once every 8-12 weeks or if you notice any breakage. But also assure you stick to a constant hair routine and avoid using harmful products that can ruin your beautiful hair.  Make yourself aware of of all the products or factors that can affect your hair and do not be shy to invest in your crown.  Research is vast, google can surely be your friend if you want to find out more of what you can do or use for your hair.  So always respect the crown cause it also defines who you are.

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