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8 of the best hair dyes of the year 2021

8 of the best hair dyes of the year 2021. best hair dye for African textured hair.

Hey! Hey there, I know why you are here. You want to explore the audacious world of colored hair right.

 Despite having a good head of fluffy curls, you might want to tap into a bit of spicy fun and join the world of color.

So! You’re set, hair color being the main agenda, you are ready to buy your hair dye but are still hesitant because of all the bad reviews you have heard.

So what to do next?

Take a breather, you are ready for this and I will most definitely help you out.

Now listen up, before you go forward with your plans of changing your hair color, it is VERY important to do your investigation on what best products can best suit your natural hair texture.

As you know natural hair is beautiful and its texture and structure is so unique, we make people turn heads and get festinated. But our hair type is prone to dryness and coarseness, not even a regular comb can pass through. Additionally, exposing our hair strands to a lot of harsh chemicals can further lead to unwanted damage and fizziness that can possibly make our hair unhappy. So our best option is to stick with the little moisture we have left.

But wait I want color, there must be a way.

Of course, there is a way!

Here is a fact, there is no possible way you can find a hair dye with no chemicals. It is proven that all hair dyes have at least 3-5 chemical ingredients and this is on the safe side. The formulation of hair dyes requires chemical substances to genuinely function, so non-toxic hair dyes theoretically do not exist. So if you are looking for a more eco-friendly hair dye your initial selection should be henna or homemade hair dye substitutes.

Note: sometimes these eco-friendly hair dyes are not as effective but are proven to be less harmful and safe.

Now that we have cleared the air, we understand where we need to focus our attention.  The best way is to do the ingredient elimination technique. This is to kick out the most prominent and harmful chemicals to get to the best-suited hair dye formulation.

Here are some of the harmful chemicals to be aware of:

  1. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD): the most commonly used chemical and seriously dangerous. Exposure to this can potentially cause skin irritation and eye allergies
  2. Ammonia: This chemical contains resorcinol that can irritant your nose, eyes, and throat. It is also known for its strong overbearing scent.
  3. Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs): which may possibly cause endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the body.
  4. Quaternium-15: This can release formaldehyde because of its antimicrobial that leads to skin irritation.

Fun fact, approximately over 50 percent of hair dyes contain thousands of chemicals that are potentially cancerous. So be cautious of the excessive usage of hair dyes.

 Now that that’s out of the way I can smoothly guide you through your transition journey into the world of color. Below I have listed 8 of the best eco-friendly hair dyes available worldwide that are formulated to reduce the loss of natural hair moisture and possibly restore hydration (natural oils). These will include permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes that have been review and specifically picked for African texture hair.


  1. Adore semi-permanent hair dye

This hair dye is formulated with the best natural ingredients like vitamin E, aloe Vera and some good essential oils that enhance the smoothness and leaves hair feeling silky and shiny. It’s the number one best hair dye for naturally textured hair because of the non-exists of chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, and alcohol. Available colors are in 40 vibrant shades and you are guaranteed a long-lasting color experience. The easy application is great for that lay day and it takes a minimum of thirty minutes.

  1. Clairol natural instincts demi-permanent hair dye

Despite much backlash from previous formulas, Clairol has pushed its boundaries and formulated a hair dye that not only eliminates the existence of ammonia and paraben. it consists of up to 80% of naturally derived ingredients that boost the color and shine of your hair. These ingredients include vitamin E, coconut oil, and aloe Vera. The demi-permanent formula means your hair is not altered but produces a luxurious tone of color and also darkens grey hair strands. The hair dye is said to be vegan and as long as 28 washes (be aware that it slowly fades with every wash). It comes in over 38 shades to select from.

  1. Crème of nature moisture-rich hair dye with shea butter conditioner

This is a hair was the award winner in the naturally curly 2019 all thanks to the existence of natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, mango, and keratin that leave the hair strands fully nourished and smooth. Creme of nature moisture-rich dye is a liquid permanent hair dye without ammonia and guarantees 100% full coverage with long-lasting color. There are 8 available colors to choose from.

  1. Dark and lovely go-intense products

Although this is not the most eco-friendliest hair dye compared to the rest, it is a permanent hair dye that has partially been formulated to suit African textured hair. There are two complementary products such as go-intense which leaves the hair with a hi-pigment, hi-care color for African American hair, and an ultra-pigmented temporary color spray. Basically, it is proven to leave the hair looking luminous and smooth that further balances out the hair color, and is long-lasting. The hair dye is formulated with an anti-drying crème gel that consists of olive oil which helps to restore moisture and shine. Dark and lovely go-intense is available in 6 luscious colors.

  1. Madison reed radiant hair dye

This hair dye is packed with ingredients such as argan oil, ginseng root extract, and most importantly keratin that leave the hair strands feeling hydrated, smooth, and vibrant. Madison Reed is a great alter because there is no existence of 8 of the chemicals need to harm your hair strands like PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, gluten, phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), titanium dioxide, and paraben. It is available in more than 50 shades and you are guaranteed full coverage and long-lasting results. One of the best at-home hair dyes!

  1. NaturtintPermanent Hair dye

A hair dye that is solemnly formulated for women that consists of plant-based ingredients such as Shea Butter, Baobab Proteins, Oleic Acid, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Quinoa. The formula is so enriched in beautiful ingredients it promotes nourished, smooth and silky long-lasting color. Thanks to the use of these plant-based ingredients, Naturtint Permanent hair dye received certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred Program. It is also formulated without the use of chemicals like heavy metals, ammonia, paraben, artificial fragrance, sulfate, and lastly resorcinol. The available shades range between 20-30 shades.

  1. Rainbow Research Henna Botanical Hair dye

This is a 100% botanical hair dye with no added chemicals, heavy metals, or preservatives. So you are guaranteed no ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, and what no, thank goodness. The natural ingredients that you can find are hydrating seed oils and extracts that will leave the hair smooth and vibrant. Rainbow henna hair dye enhances the natural outlook of your natural hair and covers the outside of every hair strand evenly. It approximately lasts 4-6 weeks when applied and is available in 13 shades.

  1. Shea Moisture Nourishing Hair dye

Looking for a certified organic hair dye, look no further. Shea moisture color crème is blended with natural ingredients including shea butter obviously, glycerin, flex seed oil, soy proteins, acai, and Abyssinian oil. this hair dye will minimize hair damage and the hair is left looking healthy, deeply nourished, and vibrant. The lack of chemical existence gives you an assurance that your hair strands are being protected as you dye your hair. It is a very go hair dye of nature textured hair giving the curls a long-lasting shine of color.

So ladies don’t be afraid to step into the land of color and color your life. You only live once take the daring dive and explore the wonderful style you can achieve with just a hint of color lovelies!

Why trust E and N styles, because research has been done forehand to help you reduce on searching for the millions of products that are presently available worldwide.

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