How can a healthy lifestyle improve the overall health of my natural hair?

How can a healthy lifestyle improve the overall health of my natural hair?

You spend so much money and time trying to fix and improve your hair but it all does not work. You get so paranoid and excessively use thousands of hair products but your hair is still frumpy and lifeless, want is going on?

“Maybe you should hold on a little bit and find the root cause of this”.


Do you know that your hair can actually tell you about your health? 75% of the time your hair is actually trying to tell you that you are lacking important nutrients or good healthy habits. Your hair like your body requires good care and nutrition and any lack of it can be seen. So everyone needs to reshape their lifestyle to attain all the essential needs your hair is pleading for. All it takes is a little bit of action and finance does not need to be fully wasted.

Down below I have provided you with 7 healthy lifestyle habits you can embrace to achieve that fantastic luscious head of hair!

1. Having a good healthcare regimen


Are you aware that issues such as dandruff, hair loss, and hair thinning can be a result of fundamental medical conditions?

Healthcare specialists state that the quality of your hair can be distorted by the presents of various deficiencies in the body.  Issues such as hair loss for instance that is normally experienced in old age can intensely affect adolescents’ potential triggering hormonal deficiency. An example of this can be a situation where your thyroid gland underproduces enough hormones in the body causing a condition called hypothyroidism.

2. Introduce healthy alternatives to your diet.


It is observed afterward that there is an increase in hair loss and other health symptoms. So following our healthy lifestyle, we need to regularly check with a healthcare specialist because our bodies are constantly experiencing different complications. Having a doctor-regular checkup, can simply minimize the long-term occurrences of unknown healthcare issues and also avoid potential ones.


Have you ever heard of the expression you are what you eat, am sure you have? When it comes to hair this saying stands out. So when you lack important ingredients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids the overall health of your hair strand will most definitely be at stake. It is obvious to say that the gateway to a beautiful head of hair is through a nutritiously packed diet.  always keep track of what you consume and do your research on what best foodstuffs can benefit the health of your hair and body.

3. Try some fitness


According to worldwide research, approximately one-third of the world’s population claims to experience stress.  Due to this continuous rate, individuals tend to lose over 100 strands of hair which is higher than the average loss of hair. Since you have introduced a fitness routine you gradually leave the stress group, and your regular workout helps you reduce the potential of hair loss.

How is this possible?

When the body continuously exercises it emits a hormone called endorphins that stimulates the body and boosts one’s mood. So when you are experiencing stress, thanks to the exercise that promotes the existence of the feel-good hormones, the stress gets eliminated. In addition to this, it can eliminate the existence of cortisol that can lead to alopecia.

Exercise like cardio can also help detox and increase blood flow to the scalp and the rest of the body. For this to happen each hair strand receives oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels. So it is vital one does exercise at least 3 times a week. always remember that exercising is the pathway to acquiring a healthier lifestyle while restoring a good head of hair.

 4. Invest-Start self-care and take a break

If you do not take good care of yourself and are constantly caring for others this is your time to switch it up a little. You are always stressed, tired and miserable and the people you take care of and spend your own investment on look far happier and healthier than you do! It’s time to go on vacation or introduce a new healthy routine to your life. Do not be scared of paying for that gym membership or purchasing good hair products that contain good ingredients for your hair, spoil yourself up a little!

You may not know this but sometimes all your body needs are some self-love and care to put the health of your hair back on track. The overall mood for your body can push you to like a zombie, not that you want to but it just so happens to be. This may cause your hair to look dry, brittle, and dull, sometime you just need a hair appointment and a happy and healthy body.

 5. Include important minerals and vitamins in your diet

If you lack some important nutrients it is important to include them in your diet. Your hair constantly encountered so many issues that you might not even be aware of. Premature grey hair, inflammations, deficiencies, and other problems are issues that can easily attack your beautiful hair.

There are so many foodstuffs that carry a lot of benefits that help improve a healthy lifestyle and proved you with strong hair. Here is a list of important nutrients:

  • Zinc is important for making protein and other relevant cells. This proves beneficial to the hair because it requires protein. You can find zinc in beans, nuts, meat, and shellfish.
  • Vitamin B is required by the body cells. Concerning hair, it can reduce the levels of hair loss. Vitamin B is found in egg yolks, meat, and whole wheat.
  •  Iron, as you know iron is important in the blood cells. The hair needs sufficient blood flow to grow well and receive nutrients. It is included in legumes, green veggies, and red meat.
  • Vitamin C is available in citrus fruits, and green veggies.
  • Vitamin D, is important for the bones and the skin makes it when it is exposed to sunlight but sometimes it is not enough for the body. You can find vitamin D in milk and fish.

Caution: it is not advisable to take supplements without medical assistance. Meditation needs to be prescribed to you before consumption.

 6. Reduce manipulation and heat exposure to the hair

Hair is one of the most fragile parts of the body due to constant manipulating, and exposure to different substances. We all know our hair demands a lot of attention but you cannot deny that all this takes a huge toll on the hair strands. The chemical composition of our hair strands is unique so if there is continuous usage of heat on it chances of your hair losing its structure is 100% possible.

I hope you can all realize that if it shrinks then that proves it is good healthy hair, so be proud of it. Constantly exposing it to heat can cause breakage, hair loss, and hair thinning, it can also cause your hair to change color and not in a good way. Be alert and cautious with what you use and put in your hair cause it will lead to consequences belong your control.

 7. Take a detox


Due to the continuous use of products that sometimes conceal the existence of harmful chemicals, it is important to have a detox. Include a detox in your hair regimen can benefit the scalp and also help rid buildup and stunted growth while nourishing the scalp.


When the scalp has buildup it may cause dandruff, scabs, oily or dry hair, and acne and change the overall appearance of the hair. So it is important to use a detox to protect your scalp and hair strands. Make sure to buy a good detox or make one at home if you would like.

Always be aware that sometimes it may not be genetic but could be due to a lack of a good lifestyle. Be hair smart and always know what your hair needs and the right time. It is said that your hair defines a person so why not try your best to show the world what a great person you are!


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