Hair Tips: 8 Best Reasons Why You Think You Don’t Need A Washday



At some point in time, everyone dreads washday. From rocking that stylish protective style to that sleeked-down lace wig, it’s about that time of the week that gunk got to be gone. Not even dry shampoos sis, that head of hair needs to get ready for a washday. Do not act like you are scared of water!

This is not an article to teach you how to wash your hair because I already know you are familiar with the lingo, but to tell you how a washday is very important for your hair.

It is very important to have your nature locks washed at least twice every week. Here is a fact, do you know that our coiled textured hair is always prone to dryness and the hydration is always stripped away due to fiction and other activities. Therefore always remember a washday to get rid of the dirt and unwanted chemicals as to make space for new natural oils that are calling your hair.

Here are a few factual reasons why you would avoid a washday;

1. Keeping your hairstyle on cause it still looks good


here is a scenario, you go on this date be it a blind date or because you have friends in common. The date is going amazing and you both are interested in meeting up again. After a few dates, he asks you to swing by his place and have him cook you a meal. While there, at his place obviously, you get a little bit comfortable then BOOM dude steps back and says, “not to be rude but what is that smell”. 

Not to be rude but I know you know what am trying to get at. You haven’t washed your hair for the longest time all-cause you still think your hair looks good. Of course, it might still look okay but underneath it, you know deep in your heart that your hair needs a washday.

Girl! Don’t be keeping hairstyles for a long time without washing them, have a routine set up, and incorporate your washday into your regular pampering. Takedown that hair and have it washed. Don’t be scaring someone else’s son because you do not want to take responsibility for your hair.

2. Cause you cannot get your hair appointment


Don’t be lazy girl! Learn to do your washdays on your own. Especially due to the pandemic you might not have the chance to go for a hair appointment. But that should not stop you from having your own washday. Exercise a little bit of self-care and self-love by yourself, it helps a lot when you are stressed and you can get to know yourself a little more.

Imagine having the fresh feeling you get when you have a clean and relaxed body, peace of mind! So go down to the local supermarket and grab yourself some hair washing and care products and start your wash journey.

It’s important for you to know your hair type even if it’s exhausting to get through, but once you have a routine set up you will actually prefer having you wash your own hair.

3. You do not have time


Are you always busy at work or with your business that when you get home you have other things to get done? You barely get to eat a decent meal or have a relaxing bath. All you can do for your hair is splash some water on it, which is not doing it any good. You feel like you cannot get that extra bit of time to just rest and have a washday.

Let me tell you something, it is all in your head. I would like to tell you something, you are the owner of your time. no matter what you do, it’s all about priority.

No matter how busy a person can be you can spare some time for yourself, it’s all about the system.

You are what your mind tells you! It’s all about the routine you have set up sis, generate a routine that squeezing in self-care and make it a priority to stick to it. This way you can keep track of your clean roots and have a healthier sense of mind thanks to adopting self-care into your routine.

Let me tell you a little story,

there were two makeup artists, Anna and Sarah working at the same beauty salon. Each with equal talents. As the clients got familiar with them the clients tended to prefer Anna. New clients always went to the salon to have their faces done by Anna. A month later Anna started to get private appointments. So one day Sarah got the courage to walk up to Anna and ask her why she had so many clients waiting in line for her.

Anna then told Sarah that she took time always to wash or change her brushes once she was working with a different shade. Despite Anna’s busy schedule she always saw the importance of preparing her equipment before anything, giving her work the aftereffect of productivity and success. So remember, no one is a robot so always care for yourself!


4. You are scared you might wash out all the natural oils


Shampoos are harsh for all types of hair especially because of the existence of sulfate that strips out all the natural oils from our hair strands. Not only that, but it also causes the hair to be coarse and dry and if you have a sensitive scalp it can worsen the situation. So now you have a valid reason not to have a washday right?

I don’t think so, first and foremost let’s understand what sulfate is. Sulfate is a chemical that is using in many household cleaning products as a cleansing agent. It is known for giving cleaning products their thick lathering. There are two types included in shampoos which are namely sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES).

Now that that is understood all you need to do is to eliminate the existence of sulfate. Are you aware of the existence of non-sulfate shampoos? These have been trending in the market for some time now. They help preserve all the natural oils and still cleanse the hair strands. Since I have cleared your doubt, it’s time for you to get your hair and washday ready.

Always remember that if you think keeping your hair unwashed is a good idea think of this. Our hair goes through so many situations and lots of products can build up and cause dandruff and inflammation and further lead to clogging of the pores on your scalp. If you want healthy or long hair these are not good factors that promote your hair goals.

5. You are scare of shrinkage


Do you know shrinkage is a sign your hair is actually healthy?

Shrinkage to every woman of color is seen as a menace, but in an actual sense, there are hidden benefits that we ladies must rethink. You decide to have a washday but no matter what you do once water touches your natural hair the law of nature takes control. We do not have to be ashamed of this beautiful gift because as the hair shrinks it restores the moisture and provides assurance that our hair strands are still healthy.

I remember when I was younger my mum would do a silk press on my hair. The next day when I woke up because I sweated a lot as a kid and didn’t know how to preserve the press my hair would return to its natural state, lol! I was bummed for a bit but now that I think of it and understand how heat destroys naturally textured hair, I am happy my hair fully returned to its original state because that way I know I am taking care of my hair well.

If you want my hair to be straightened out there are other heatless methods you can try as you have my washday. Shrinkage can provide us with variation and volume. Why be sad when you can be Britney one day then Lisa the next day!  

6. you might be suffering from a skin condition


Some people experience irritation to the scalp. This might cause fear to the individual when it comes to putting chemicals or just having water touch your hair.  You might be suffering from a skin disorder or your scalp may be sensitive. There are 2 things I can advise you to do.

1, you need to go see a health specialist, and 2 you might be sensitive to products you use regularly in your hair. That’s why I always say to you that it is very important to understand your hair and scalp and seek professional help when it need be. You might end up spending a lot of money buying medication and products that may possibly increase the situation of your hair. Not to add, the fear of having a washday will seriously affect your daily lifestyle and social life.

Don’t only just look good, smell good as good ladies. Invest time and money into your washday, one vital activity we queens need in order to regenerate and care for ourselves.


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