Hair Growth Tips To Grow Healthy Natural Hair Faster


Have you ever wondered why your hair is still the same length every month without any possible sign of growth?

If you have a history of African lineage or are of African origin you definitely struggle with your natural hair. Some of our hair takes a very long time to grow and the real fact is, there is no magic formula that makes your hair grow overnight.

We constantly gobble up uncountable amounts of supplements and biotin pills and even use different types of hair growth oils only to get disappointed with the results of the same dreary strands! It is noted that on average we grow above a ½ of an inch every month and mostly, people lose between 50-100 strands of hair every day. This mostly feels minimal in terms of how long we expect our hair to grow despite what state our hair might be in.

So girl, if you want to join the crew that has it easy with healthy long hair, you seriously need to step up and begin to tweak certain parts of your daily hair care regimen. Scroll down to read further on how to achieve healthy, luscious crowns with a few easy steps.


1. The first important step you need is to get rid of all the harmful products that may contain sulfate because it strips away the natural oil that encourages your desired healthy, long hair. Avoid the use of different hair products because they may cause complications as the hair is growing.

If you can, seek medical assistance from a dermatologist or make an appointment with a professional hairstylist to get better advice on how best to treat your hair and what hair products can be suitable for your hair.

2. Get to know your hair type This can really help 

with what type of products and treatment you will need to retain that healthy hair growth without any struggle. You can seek professional advice or search online for additional help. For a little pointer, there are three types of hair- type 2 *wavy hair, type 3 *curly hair and type 4* coily hair- that is typically delicate and take a long time to grow out.

3. Put extra care on your scalp:

When you decide to take care of your scalp it will guarantee that body fluid and nutrients flow to the hair strands reducing the possibility of hair loss and thinning causing them to be strong and thick respectively.

Physical stimulation like massaging surprisingly can stimulate hair growth obviously while doing a pre-poo and wash day, and as you apply oil to the scalp.


4. Introduce products that stimulate blood flow to your scalp Put into your hair routine products that can stimulate blood flow like caffeine, Ayurveda herbs, essential oils, garlic, and onions can increase the number of fatty fluids and keratin glowing to the hair.

Having increased blood flow to the scalp may also prevent the introduction of premature hair loss and strengthen the overall strands


5. Add trimming to the agenda This might seem like a contradiction factor but actually isn’t. Your hair experiences a lot of setbacks and needs regular maintenance, you do not want to have raggedy hair! So trim is very important so you get rid of all those split-ends and possible breakage that hinder healthy-looking hair. Remember you need to do a trim every 6 weeks or if you notice any breakage.

6. Stop everyday washing of hair Our hair is always prone to dryness, we always lose moisture even when we do not think about it. Adding daily shampooing to your hair routine can suck out all the hair’s available moisture, leading to breakage, brittleness, and dryness.

This can prevent the hair strands from absorbing the moisture and nutrients needed. If you are worried about excess grease, dry shampoo can help with that. Another important reason to reduce shampooing is the existence of sulfate that strips away the needed nutrients in the hair. Invest more in sulfate-free shampoos as a safer alternative option.


7. A dim size is not always the case Considering conditioner, a dim size is never enough especially for us natural hair queens, which is good. After shampooing, our hair needs to get back all that it has lost cause the shampoo washed everything out. Conditioning is the first protection against possible threats to our natural hair. Therefore it is important to deep condition your hair, and this is easy because you can also make the masks at home with natural ingredients. Don’t forget to rinse out the conditioner with cool water to seal in the goodness and invest in a leave-in conditioner as well.


8. Avoid excessive heat to your hair We all know that having constant heat to your hair can destroy it. I know you still want that blow-out or silk press, but other heatless ways are to stretch out our hair. Frequent contact with heat to your hair can break the bonds leading the permanent hair loss, leaving the hair limp and lifeless. If you want to use heat always use a heat protectant and reduce the temperature from the tool. But always remember air-drying your hair is the best way to dry out your hair. Utilize hair plaiting and wrapping your hair.


9. Apply hair oil regularly Make it a habit to apply hair oil to your roots and ends to achieve soft and flexible strands. Apply hair oil to damp hair to seal in the extra moisture and after you are done protect your ends by wearing a silk bonnet or scarf.


10. Do not bleach your hair

Bleach eliminates the protective layer of the hair strand and opens the cuticle causing significant damage and the hair begins to break off. This prevents hair from growing strong, healthy, and long.

11. Switch up your hairstyles Having your hair in one position affects the evenness of your hair growth and may also cause breakage over time. Switch it up a little so that it grows evenly and long. The other thing to worry about is the wigs and ribbons you use, avoid using cotton and elastics bands that can yank your hair out, and do not forget to l lessen up your protective style to protect your edges!

12. Eat correctly and hydrate To achieve ultimate healthy growing hair always eat right and hydrate. It is important to improve the inside of your body because the health of your body is beneficial to the growth of each hair strand.


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